Sathriyan (2017) - Tamil Movie Review - Vikram Prabhu, Mahima - Full Movie Review

Guna is a bold and powerful gangster belonging to Samuthiram’s group and he is loyal to Ravi (Vijay Murugan) the next in the line leader of the gang. Guna is deputed by Ravi to be the guard of Niranjana (Manjima Mohan), the daughter of Samuthiram. Niranjana starts loving Guna and the latter after initial resistance decides to reciprocate the girl’s feelings.

But Niranjana’s family is against this love. Ravi opposes Guna, loving the daughter of the man who has nurtured them. But Guna is not ready to give up his love as he has decided to reform and settle into family life. This forces Ravi to decide to kill Guna while Shankar is also already baying for Guna’s blood to avenge the murder of one of his gang members.

Despite the slow narration and below average second half, ‘Sathriyan’is worth a watch for the initial surprises, some good scenes, powerful dialogues and a praiseworthy message against violence.

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